Skype sessions

Healing from the heart is not limited by time and space. That is why healing work, at a distance, is as effective as doing it directly in person.

I read your aura to detect the source of your resistance/ problem blockage and through the guidance of my ‘inner heart’, I will devise a healing plan for each session.

The healing process consists of cleansing your bodily systems, transforming hindering patterns and removing pain. You will understand better why you are in your situation. Past issues, traumas and outdated bonds etc. will be dissolved. Finally, your true potential will be revealed, forgotten aspects of your soul will come back and a new path will open up for you.

This can help you for example if you are stuck in life, feel burnt out, stressed, exhausted, depressed… may be you are not happy in the relationship that you are in, need a new orientation in life, or find orientation, or you are ill and look for healing…

Every treatment is individually different. You are welcome to contact me via email and tell me about your current issue so I can look into your matter and suggest a treatment for you. So you have the chance to feel whether this is on your path. It is free.

To stabilize and integrate the new levels of energy I recommend you do 3 sessions as a set. In that case we can really bring you to a profound shift towards yourself and your own greatness.
The sessions last around 90 minutes

One session = 150 €, 10 sessions = 1300€ (you can pay in 2 installments of 650€)

For those who look to be accompanied through a larger shift and require healing I recomend my healing supervision

For money transfers, please use paypal.

Contact me to book your session!


“For many years Devamata has played an essential role in my life. The first treatment I received from her was truly miraculous. I had been suffering from severe anxiety and depression for almost two years as a result of moving to a foreign country. Within minutes I felt all of the pain and suffering dissolve and felt like myself once again. I was and continue to be so grateful that God had brought her to me to help me along my way. Since then I have sessions several times a year and I recommend her to all of my patients, friends, and family. After each session, I feel that I am more in tune with my life´s path and that I am advancing into the next phase of my own healing abilities. She actually introduced me to the Earth! I was so surprised that I had been living here for more than 30 years and had never really known or connected with the Earth. Devamata has the ability to heal our hearts, our spirits, and our beloved Earth.” Brooke

“Since working with Devamata, I have experienced profound and sustainable shifts in my consciousness and spiritual practice. In addition to increased clarity, grounding, connection and peace, my capacity for self-diagnosis and self-healing has deepened significantly. Importantly, the undercurrent of my life has begun a long awaited shift from struggle toward adventure – from fear toward fascination – and from isolation toward love. I am grateful for Devamata’s role in this transformation and would highly recommend her work to anyone desirous of growth, healing and liberation.” – Brandon

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