When heaven and earth unite that is when creation happens. The place where they unite is in our heart centre. Our Love is the pulsating centre of the aura and the gate to unity.

Here you learn how you can integrate this source better into your life.
In my seminars you experience the divine healing power of sun, earth, fire, water, the angels and avatars.
You will be richly rewarded and clarify all levels of your being.

Seminar: Meet yourself inside the light of the earth


Experience and cultivate the almighty source of your heart.

Liberate pain and traumata.

Meet, communicate and melt with earth.

Arcangel Metatron opens the access to our origin in heaven: purification, alignment and new structuring. The new replaces the old.

The courage to walk YOUR path.

Peace with yourself and in your every day life. The holy temple of the sun.

Meeting the real dream of your life, and a concrete plan for the next steps that you can take to make it become reality.

Duration: 2 days

Price: 300€

There is no previous knowledge needed. An open heart is the best requirement.

Seminar: Who Am I really?

Discover your creative power ! It is a four day seminar, which I lead together with Andreas Lohmann

click here to read all about it

How do I become the creator of my life?
The creative power in our chakras

Introduction into the different qualities of our chakra system.

Meditation and experience about their powers:                                                              heartchakra- the power of love, solar plexus chakra- the power of peace, navel/ sacral chakra- the source of creative power, courage and joy, root chakra- the power of my roots, throat chakra- communication of love and clarity, third eye- the power of a clear devoted mind, crown chakra- devotion to the highest source

This seminar can be held as an introduction. If you have never heard of chakras you are welcome! Or for advanced spiritual practicioners.The duration is flexible from an afternoon to 3 days, depending on what possibilites open up.

I am happy to travel to your region if you wish to invite me!
Please contact me for further information.







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