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Mother Earth

A message for YOU from Mother Earth.

Feel invited, dive in and begin to trust on a deeper level. voila:


Caravan of Love

… As a concept of life… It inspires me to realize, that life is so much more simple than we think. May be our big dream is not just to have a wonderful Job, house and a family..
May be it is to be united with the source of love constantly.
Love is freedom. Love is life, life is love.
I am sure we can all connect to this desire for love and light inside of us, the desire to find that connection to the source, which nurtures us every second of our life. It is up to us, to me, to you, to flower inside that source and awaken to freedom.

When we start to feel free from our family and the habits of modern life, we can start to choose truly what belongs to us. What is our path and what is not.
I don’t mean that we have to retreat in a cave for the rest of our life to do that. I mean, that we live the life that we dream of, our real dream.

The caravan of love is the bunch of us, traveling and uniting with you in different places. We hold one day workshops, talks and seminars, based on the topics that you bring in. Our practice extends to any task in the spiritual realm, from aura –soul – healing to feng shui and Geomancy etc.
Magically, interesting people come together, so that as a result we can work in powerful groups on resolving our personal issues and meanwhile realizing, that the world suffers from the same issues. Every knot that we undo in our own system, we unblock for the world simultaneously. This is the base of the service we have come here for.

On our first caravan of love we focused on the issues of timelessness and eternity, peace, depression, science research and the work with elemental beings in nature. Very interesting. Researching about life on spiritual levels is a very here -and – now- experience. The spiritual world is like a hard drive to all that happens in our life. This kind of work is not about avoiding the reality of every day life, but rather integrating the light and wisdom that we experience into our life and society. This brings powerful impulses of change and divine inspiration into problematic circumstances.
We are very powerful and our power of love is creating a new world.

What have I learned on this tour:
When we let go, gain inner space and freedom, new spaces open up like flowers, undoing their petals in springtime. This is pure joy. We don’t have to do anything. All is given naturally. In a state of boundlessness and freedom, the miracle seems a logical thing. Here is the root of the miracle. Here is an abundant flow, that leads to more and more presence in the NOW. Being myself.
The divine round up of this tour was our visit at the darshan of Mother Meera. Check her out. She is an avatar goddess, who can give us everything.

The caravan of love is an ongoing project, that will eventually travel the whole world and seeks to connect with heart workers from any profession or origin… People who would like to join the university of the heart.
You can invite us to your community and we create powerful circles of love and enlightenment together.
Love leads to truth. Truth is the way of love.

We will keep you updated with new plans.


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