Clearing your home/ your business space

Do you want to clear your rooms of the old baggage and start living in clear and flowing energies that support all aspects of your life? This will help you to concentrate better and bring joy to your existence!

Do you have problems relaxing and sleeping at home? Do conflicts create in certain areas of the house? Do you miss living in a light and encouraging structure that allows you to recharge fully?

I am a Feng Shui and Geomancy expert. I read the energies in your space and relate them to their surrounding and history etc. I transform all the blue prints of the past, so that we can install a structure according to you. Your rooms will be well connected between heaven and earth and expand in a shining structure that will support you.

Contact me for an analysis of your space. I also work at distance.

You may even have the following questions, they lead straight into a a great passion of mine: Geomancy – earth healing

Are you interested in finding out about power places and the potential of your region and how to unblock it? Do you love nature? Are you curious about the fantastic universe of geomancy?

Without a doubt Mother earth is a major inspiration for our healing and realisation. When we live in unison with the earth, our soul blossoms in the body.
What happens to most of us, who we live in big cities or drowsy countrysides?
We should learn to guide our surrounding into harmony, to understand the flows in nature, to invite them to find their power and alignment together with us.

Geomancy is for placing ourselves into the content of our surrounding and for understanding what tasks we have in that certain place.

What is behind the fa├žades of the city? What special quality finds expression in a specific place? What secrets or important aspects want to come back to us from the lake or the mountain?

Via the spaces that the earth offers us, we form part of the creative flow between heaven and earth.
Healthy places support our personal evolution. Blocked places hinder our joy and harmony more than we think.
To learn about the earth , always means to learn about ourself.

Contact us for a Feng Shui / Geomantic analysis for your place. You will have joy working with us.

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