Healing is the path by which we give up attachment to, and liberate ourselves from, the things we are not. I guide you on your path, so you can recognize yourself and activate your self- healing powers allowing your inner self to grow and communicate by shining into the world. Start by listening to my meditations for you.

Diagnosing and healing your Aura

I will help you liberate yourself from old structures, deep wounds and traumas. In cleansing your body and mind of harmful physical and psychic energy, you will sense a new alignment and have the clarity to take the next step, to reveal your innate potentials and activate your self-healing powers.
Personal exercises for your daily life will be given. 

Are you stressed, with low energy, suffering from depression, in illness, finding it difficult to deal with your relationship or looking for a new orientation? I am here for you… I guide you to your track, helping you to recognize emotional and mental patterns and changing them into a helpful healthy flow. I advice you with my deep understanding and perception of energies to find a mindful way with yourself. You will receive easy methods to apply in your every day life and find stability within yourself.

Contact me per email if you like to tell me about your current concern, so I can look into how to help you. So you get an idea of how I work and if this is your choice.  We can find the perfect program and price for you. I am looking forward to hear from you.

one session 90 minutes – 150 €, 10 sessions á 60- 90 min = 1300€ (you can pay in 2 installments of 650€) if you are in a moment with financial difficulty, or you live in a region with challenging economical times, contact me for a discount.

I suggest that cycle of 10 sessions as a conclusion to 10years experience as a therapist. I want to help you to gain stability within your energy and heal on a deep level. Say really yes to yourself. Decide to find your authentic way. You will be given meditations and easy practices especially for you and open email access with me during the process. We decide the time you need. It may take up to one year to go through. It is so worth it. You are worth it.

If you would like to know me before you decide, we can arrange a meeting per Skype. So we can get to know each other and find out what would be possible for you.

You are welcome to ask for gift vouchers for your loved one.

Healing supervision

Here is a path out of structures of disease in the body, on an emotional level, in the family, in yourself… the obstacles on the outside have an anchor inside. We will find them and heal them. They are very often indicators for potentials, that want to unfold. That brings joy, because you will discover with every step how unique you are.

You search for a partner, a project, the sense of life, your home? You are feeling depressed, burnt out? You are not happy with the way things go in your relationship?Would you like to find out more about yourself? Come in contact with the spiritual world…Would you like to love yourself again, sense joy as a motor of your life? Would you like to be in peace with yourself and the rest of the world?Would you like to leave the old behind, to allow the new in?

Than it is may be time to resolve hindering relations to people, situations, places etc…

Through my deep understanding of energies and their structures within the human system I guide you to clear your structures, by firstly becoming aware of emotional and mental patterns that keep you from really coming in contact with yourself. You will learn easy methods to apply. You will learn about your inner resources heal deep laying blockages. It is a work from the heart and towards self love.

Personal sessions and healing work, *personalized meditations, which awaken and strengthen power, love and courage, *homework, with which you can cultivate your personal qualities and your growth, so that the changes become more sensible…

Together we clear your path, and you will receive concrete leads for the realization and materialization of your dream.

The sessions are done by Skype, to meet you in your daily life and save you from traveling.

All offers include an examination of where you are now, attentive listening, an introduction to the work with chakras ( the energy centers of our body )

My work unfolds from the clear-sighted perception of your aura. Your aura contains the information of your soul and there the origin of the blockages become visible. From there I design your individual program. We can walk together, in your rhythm with attentiveness and love, to let your soul shine in your body, mind and emotion. I will acquaint you, how to work with your energy centers, to know their creative energy. This is an important work to resource yourself and become the creator of your natural flow, of your life.

We talk, laugh, meditate together and I will give you healing sessions.



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