Every wish that we aim to fulfill in our life should be a step toward ourselves. The wish to become a parent is a step towards service. We serve our kids as a bridge into this world.

I accompany future mums and dads to overcome problems with fertility and to become conscious about the reasons why blockages occur. I am talking about energetic blocks in your system, which can be an indicator for deeper subjects, like conflict with your heritage, taboo, deep rooted sorrows etc. Stress in our daily life can also be counterproductive.

We will look into the origin of your blockages mindfully and will transform them. I will use guided meditations/ healing and teach you how to create a strong inner field of fertility and trust.

Wherever your path will lead you- you will always meet your beautiful essence at the end of it. You will know yourself better. If you will be parents lays in the hands of the source of all life.
I will bring you in contact with the essence of your future child, we will find out what it needs to come into your family. A very interesting process. It is a guidance to parenthood on en energetic level of the soul. It does not replace medical treatment.

You are welcome to book a treatment in skype also. Future dads are very welcome too.
I am looking forward to get to know you.
Price: 120€
I recommend a sequence of 3 treatments to enter a personal process and get to deep solutions within. If you book a package of 3 treatments you pay 330€



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