Rituals of Life

The ritual of life

From the moment of our birth to our death our life describes cycles. We develop by meeting ourself in rhythmic cycles. In certain reoccurring situations we recognize that we are more relaxed and have mastered challenges.

Our consciousness as well evolves gradually and as part of that process we experience windows opening into the multidimensional nature of universal life. That seems all very complex and incomprehensible to us, yet there is a simplicity as a base to all.

This simplicity is the direct contact to ourselves, to our heart. Here all becomes silent within us and we begin to listen. We listen to the inner flow of our life.

This is where the Ritual of life starts. It is born out of simplicity and it describes the flow of your life.

When we allow the rituals to become more part again of our world, we automatically connect to our inner flow, our true nature.

The ritual of live evolves, when we begin to feel and perceive life out of our love. How am I acting? I observe myself how I talk to my kids, drive my car, act with colleagues etc.

In this modern world we are connected to strong energetic influences. Sometimes they even seem to invade us. We become aware that we hardly feel our own power, our natural rhythm.

A ritual can be a direct bridge to our essence.

Rituals bring us in direct contact with the natural powers of nature, of water, of the earth, the cycles of the earth. Here we can reflect ourselves purely.

Within the ritual that you can do for yourself or experience in community with others, you connect with your state of being, with your NOW. From here an inner transformation process towards your next step starts. You become aware where you stand in your life flow and what is necessary to integrate more of that in your daily life.

You become one with the source of life and feel from here how your emotional world also aligns with that.

Listen into yourself. Lay one hand onto your heart chakra. It is placed in the centre of your chest. Breath deeply and relaxed into your chest and slowly feel the heart source here. Allow it to expand. Relax into it and allow your love source to spread in your body. You become quiet. Listen to your love….

In this condition you may be able to feel the aspect or a certain power that is missing within. It may be the silence of the earth, the balance of water, quietness.

Feel for yourself how you may be able to open the door to this quality. May be through a simple ritual. Listen carefully which elements may be needed… You are worth that special moment for yourself.

I suggest one ritual for you:

Creating joy and aliveness out of water

You can do it outside next to a source, a river or the sea. Or very simply at home: Fill a bowl full of water. Find a comfy spot for yourself. Connect to the heartchakra in the centre of your chest as mentioned above. Arrive fully in the here and now.

Hold the bowl in front of your heart centre ( or connect with your heart love with the water in nature ) and now speak out of your love something like: „ I thank you, dear element water, for the aliveness and joy of life that now flows to me via you.“

Place the bowl down in front of you.

Now relax and feel the energy moving towards you. Open up to receive with abundance.

You can dip your hands into the water, feel the energy of the water and place the hands somewhere in your body where you can do with some flow.

Allow more and more joy to get to you. Feel the light and playful energy that comes from the water, open up for it, move with it and allow it to flood all current aspects of your life. Where is my life stagnant? Where do I experience very little joy and flow? Even blockages in the body etc. Everywhere joy of life enters.

At some point the flow comes to an end. Thank the water element. Now turn to your life with joy.


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