Discover your solar power

Tired of frustrated dieting – start to discover and cultivate the power of your solar plexus chakra

Our solar plexus chakra is an energetic centre which is placed in the region of the stomach. It embodies our inner solar power. This sun power is also part of our digestive fire. Digestion is a multilayered process: we digest the food that we eat, the impressions that we have, the emotions that we are facing, the experiences of all kind that cross our life path …and so much more.

When our inner sun power, which is mirror of our self confidence, self worth and the peaceful relationship that I have with myself, is not really awake, or clouded… we accumulate blockage, emotional baggage, panic, a sensation of overload of stuff. We feel unpleasant and may start to cover this sensation with indulging eating habits, or also strict dieting. Our emotions and thoughts circle around those same subjects. We judge ourselves….

Really underneath all of this is a solar source. This is the good news. The sun is full of light, healing, peace and all we need to cure ourselves. Lets put our attention here. When we start to come in touch with it and start to cultivate it, it will surely help us to clarify the baggage on top. We come in contact with inner peace that heals the judgmental relationship we have with ourself. We can start to fill this apparent need from within ourself.

Looking for methods and ways outside of us, will never really satisfy us fully. As soon as we are touched from within us and feel who we really are, we can fill this emptiness with joy, this heaviness with light. Our inner true space becomes greater and the outside influence and need to consume lessens.

The solar plexus is like our inner solar world that helps us to take our space and fill it with presence. We learn to strengthen the parts of us that are unsure, lack confidence and have only one mantra: I must, I have too…. When we detect those and fill them with solar power they turn to potential and will support us with joy.

Take it step by step. We are dealing with multiple layers of strongly lived self dynamic processes. Yet, once our inner sun rises, the dawn of endless joy is in this present moment.

Let me guide you with this audio meditation: Solar Power Cultivation

Enjoy and repeat at it as much as you feel is necessary. If you wish you can also book a session with me to erase the according and hindering believe systems behind all of this.

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