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The kingdom of the sun

At the moment we experience that our love power hits limitations and we are sometimes exhausted by all the change. We are not sure how to go on. Today I want to share an energy with you that originates in the kingdom of the sun. The sun sends us prayers that help to melt our hearts and support us on our way. Turn to the sun from your inside. You can dedicate more space to the sun in your daily life and even create room for it in your home or office. It will remind you on your inner warmth and kindness to yourself.

Here are 3 prayers from the sun. You can use them in your meditation. Speak each one some 9 times and use them like a mantra in your heart. Feel the effect…

„ Sacred essence of the light and the sun inside of me, teach me love. Let my heart melt inside your warmth“

„ Sacred essence of the light and the sun inside of me, let me feel universal peace. Let the essence of peace awaken inside of me.

„ Sacred essence of the light and the sun inside of me, touch the sanctuary of my inner water and let my being blossom.“


Summer healing

The summer with its abundant streams of energy is here now! And it is time to shine into our life and dreams. Step out of old boundaries and reality checks! Over a while now I observed that reality checks are nothing helpful that is why I dedicate a little video to it for you:

Keep walking, anchored in your heart. I know it sometimes not without turbulence… because as such multilayered personalities we have various aspects confronting each other, many hidden in the unconscious field, rooted in old stories of the soul. That is why on the surface on the one hand we want something and on the other hand we don’t allow ourselves to have it.

I can help you find clarity and alignment within yourself to recognize and walk that next important step in your life. Uniting all the “You’ s” in one path, your path on earth, the one that walks your innermost you and can surmise you with what is possible.

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