Peace on earth

I can hear the collective dream that we all have. My dream is the world of peace.

May the root of every individual rise from peace into every day life and relating. Lets move from a place of peace. When we move from there our bodies will start to move more openly. All the tension that we hold in the lower back and abdomen will relax. At first some emotional waste will surface from the unconscious, but that will dissolve and find peace. Now, with peace rising it will spread and once this whole collective field will be stronger there will be no more competition. Every one is exactly in the place where he or she is. The exact right place to be is where the root of peace rises within you. This is the right place to be. Peace spreads in your heart, flows to the other and allows him /her to find their place too. Once everyone has found there place, there is no more jealousy, or competition Because each one recognizes their own quality and uniqueness and from there we can recognize the other persons authenticity. All together we weave the social pattern of community in which each one shines in the light that they truly are.

I allow myself to be who i am. I allow myself to be loved. By allowing myself that, I allow the other to stand next to my side to be free and shine their light.


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