The urgency of earth healing

Climate change is no longer a far fetched theory, we are starting to experience the course of it. Unhealthy environments are all around the world. I am sure I don’t need to list any more of the multiple damages that we have done to our earth. I am sure each one of you has reached out to according information. I recommend Leonardo Di Caprios latest movie on climate change. It was another wake up call for me: ( it is in english)

My message is about solutions, one possible path to take is the one that we call earth healing.

What does that mean?
Geomancy is what we practice and teach. It means that at first you come in contact with your own heart essence and from there you start to understand that the earth is an alive being. All the landscapes are alive and by learning about it you can heal these structures and recognize the healing power they have for you. You will understand how and why certain areas are blocked, or particular squares in cities have problematic issues.
It is a path that you go with the earth. When you become an earth healer you will know how to transform these blockages and invite the healthy natural flow in. This work applies importantly inside our houses, our living spaces. We need to understand the great potentials that are within the area where we live and work. Through clearing and healing our spaces we can prosper in our full potential.
For instance we install heaven and earth connections in disconnected places. And many more techniques. Foremost this work is to introduce a consciousness of perceiving yourself in relationship with the earth. How we are directly connected to her. How she heals us and this is only a start. And it is more a remembering rather than something new. It is already within us.

How can this have an effect on our environment?                                                             Earth healing has a life changing effect. When the natural realm falls back into place and heaven and earth are connected again we have a healthy system that supports all life processes. Business comes to flow and the beauty of existence shines through everything. We have had so much feed back about changes in towns, where spooky grey streets after the work had cafes opening up, people putting flowers out, neighbors reconsolidating relationships…

I am happy to tell you more about what this would mean for you and your beloved and we can work on it, or you can also invite us to your place/town and we will teach a group of you how to do it yourself.

Lets do our best to have the human community wake up and live in community with the earth. Jay!

Here you can find a guided meditation on how to create a power place. This is a recommendable method to use for the area you sleep, work, spend a lot of important time in your life. It can support you. Enjoy the journey of it!


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