Rama, the magical companion through all times

After a long silence on my website I am slowly returning to be in touch with you all here.
In fact I am following a strong impulse which I want to pass on to you.

These months I am passing in Australia! Very near Byron Bay in a little town called Mullumbimby. It is the country of my dreams. And this dream is just coming true. I am allowing it to happen. My soul is diving deeply into being carried by something very loving. I am enchanted by the power and the love that this continent has. Heaven and earth were never really separated here so strongly as I know it from Europe. The creative power of the dream time talks through the trees and the songs of the birds.
It guides me deeper and deeper into the mystery of creation.
Here I meet Rama. Hare Rama, Rama, Rama…. Yes you might remember this chant.

Rama ( to my understanding and believe me it’s more intuitive, I am not a great scholar of the old texts…. ) stands for a very sacred ancient energy level, which is connected to the story of creation of the earth and the humans.
Before we separated from unity, Rama was very active and ennobled the paths of our souls and prefigured the path of separation that most of us took. So if we come in contact with his energy and merge with it, we are able to heal very deep separations and wounds within us. We can enrich our now and walk our path with a more complete power.

If you want to have an experience of an encounter with this energy, you are invited to listen and enjoy the meditation.
I hope it inspires you.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

You can repeat this meditation anytime to remind yourself on that liberating playful energy and to also immerse yourself more into the union with it.
After allowing this light and energy to become part of you, you may allow this inner movement to expand gradually. Allow your inner path to open more.

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Find peace – discover Ur

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Mother Earth

A message for YOU from Mother Earth.

Feel invited, dive in and begin to trust on a deeper level. voila:


Caravan of Love

… As a concept of life… It inspires me to realize, that life is so much more simple than we think. May be our big dream is not just to have a wonderful Job, house and a family..
May be it is to be united with the source of love constantly.
Love is freedom. Love is life, life is love.
I am sure we can all connect to this desire for love and light inside of us, the desire to find that connection to the source, which nurtures us every second of our life. It is up to us, to me, to you, to flower inside that source and awaken to freedom.

When we start to feel free from our family and the habits of modern life, we can start to choose truly what belongs to us. What is our path and what is not.
I don’t mean that we have to retreat in a cave for the rest of our life to do that. I mean, that we live the life that we dream of, our real dream.

The caravan of love is the bunch of us, traveling and uniting with you in different places. We hold one day workshops, talks and seminars, based on the topics that you bring in. Our practice extends to any task in the spiritual realm, from aura –soul – healing to feng shui and Geomancy etc.
Magically, interesting people come together, so that as a result we can work in powerful groups on resolving our personal issues and meanwhile realizing, that the world suffers from the same issues. Every knot that we undo in our own system, we unblock for the world simultaneously. This is the base of the service we have come here for.

On our first caravan of love we focused on the issues of timelessness and eternity, peace, depression, science research and the work with elemental beings in nature. Very interesting. Researching about life on spiritual levels is a very here -and – now- experience. The spiritual world is like a hard drive to all that happens in our life. This kind of work is not about avoiding the reality of every day life, but rather integrating the light and wisdom that we experience into our life and society. This brings powerful impulses of change and divine inspiration into problematic circumstances.
We are very powerful and our power of love is creating a new world.

What have I learned on this tour:
When we let go, gain inner space and freedom, new spaces open up like flowers, undoing their petals in springtime. This is pure joy. We don’t have to do anything. All is given naturally. In a state of boundlessness and freedom, the miracle seems a logical thing. Here is the root of the miracle. Here is an abundant flow, that leads to more and more presence in the NOW. Being myself.
The divine round up of this tour was our visit at the darshan of Mother Meera. Check her out. She is an avatar goddess, who can give us everything.

The caravan of love is an ongoing project, that will eventually travel the whole world and seeks to connect with heart workers from any profession or origin… People who would like to join the university of the heart.
You can invite us to your community and we create powerful circles of love and enlightenment together.
Love leads to truth. Truth is the way of love.

We will keep you updated with new plans.


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Abundance of the Golden Age

How do I fill myself up with plenty?
When I feel satisfied and full, my life is rich!

Our life is full of existential fear. We share this fear and the feeling of “ never-having- enough” with most people on earth.
Still, it is our desire to feel complete and live in wealth.
Abundance can be cultivated! It can become an inner condition, which will finally liberate us from the sorrows of the UP’s and DOWN’s in our life. When we dedicate to cultivate inner wealth, we find trust from within.
A deeper connection to the earth can help us to feel and be more nurtured.

To start with, you should check on a personal level, if you are ready to allow abundance into your life. Many people live with the illusion, that they don’t deserve a life of plenty for themselves, or in some aspects of their life.
There are many reasons that have brought us to not trust enough in our sustained, plentiful life.

Feel for yourself:

Take a moment of silence. Breathe and slowly start to feel yourself in the rhythm of your breath. Calm down. Keep your eyes closed.
Put yourself into a situation of great abundance. Inside ( as an inner feeling in all parts of your body) and outside ( all around you ). First you imagine a situation of overflow, it could be an image that you associate with it ( a great villa etc.) or it could be a cascade of gold etc. Something that feels right for you. Make sure you don’t limit yourself with financial abundance, include all levels of emotions, health, wisdom, beauty etc.
Feel your body. Dive into this situation. It is totally real. It is now! It is inside and outside, in every cell. Feel how your body opens up for it, all the single parts and your system as a whole.
Allow the intensity of this inner sensation to increase.
Perceive yourself in plentitude.
Feel yourself. Feel how your inner space, your body feeling expands, starts to swing.
Notice your blocked areas, or even thoughts coming up. Are there old beliefs, experiences, unresolved issues?
Accept that they are there with gratitude.
You are now aware of the places, where you don’t yet allow the plentiful flow.

This is a good exercise for cultivating a sensation of inner abundance. Tune into it as much as you like. The more you sense and feel bounteousness on an inner level, the more you will attract it into your life. Focus on the potentials that are there.

On the other hand:
Deep rooted blockages need acceptance from you. They want to be seen and acknowledged. Give them time and space to become more aware of them. Realize the source of the sorrows, that make you sweat.

Once you allow them to be, we can work with the transformational energies from the meditation and you can experience change.

Listen now to the following meditation to transform blockages and align on a deeper level with plentitude.

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Messages from the 4 directions spring 2014

Joy awakens in spring! Spring brings change and new perspective.


We can host paths for the light, that we developed in the winter time. The power, that we developed in the depth of winter, raises now and prepares to blossom. We make the path with the love of our heart and in strong connection with mother earth. Our heart beats in unison with the earth and we open up for the impulses of heaven. That´s how we blossom.


The gentle flowers of spring talk about the expression of inner beauty. Recognise your inner beauty and allow her to flower, so that others can see her as well. Beauty is also a form of communication. With her we can recognise the beauty of all things.


The devas talk about he seeds of the New time. They want to blossom now. We can let go of old ways of doing things…


The meditation with the 4 directions can help us, to reveal, to feel and to creatively walk our path through spring.


It is one meditation that leads through all 4 directions.



The north


I welcome the north here in this room, the gate of the north opens and the north says:




Align with the divine guidance. Recognise that you can only guide your life and the people around you, when you follow divine guidance yourself.


Find your inner guidance, your teacher and with that the gratification of being guided.


To lead means to align yourself and your surroundings. Clear alignment means to walk a clear path. The divine will and my will become one and my personal story dissolves into the greater plan.


That is how you can reach fulfilment . Let yourself be guided out of your sorrows and become one with the divine will. It is just love. Pure love.





Take a seat, feel the love in your heart centre. When you have deeply anchored in your heart love, feel who is your spiritual guidance for this time. Talk to the avatars, for example Jesus, Mother Meera, Shiva, Buddha etc. Who is your highest guidance for now?


Expand the love of this being inside of your own heart. Both your hearts melt together. Use the phrase: Divine guidance in form of…, be you my love.


Your guidance leads you into a bigger form, you expand. The depth of your heart and your guide become one. Expand this union within you, let it grow, expand it into your life and feel your path.


All beings around you are brought into guidance too.


Feel where the light paths of your life lead. In this position you lead for the best of all beings.



The south


Through the gate of the south comes the holy power of the south and brings its message in this room.


The south talks about the creative power. The power of blossoming.


When you are inside your divine guidance, you can experience this power, how it will make you become more of yourself. Out of nothing suddenly amazing options are raising. You can discover your own creative power.


Creation is divine essence. It is the power that we observe, when we see a baby being born or a flower unfolding. The divine law of love comes into expression. The paths create, on which we can fulfil our mission, become happy and free.



Continue the meditation that you have started in the north..


You are in contact with your heart love, feel your inner guidance and connect with mother earth. Invite the south in.


You can feel a creative power raising in your spine.


Connect with the divine will of OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. This means that the divine will becomes your will. Surrender into that. There is nothing to do. You let go and sink into the depth of divine will and earth. After a while creative impulses raise inside of you.


( In case this doesn’t happen it might not be the right moment for that, or you must surrender more into the om namah shivay. Your will should dissolve in the divine. Creation happens in the divine will and not from our ideas.. You might need clearance of thoughts and more letting go into trust.)


In the divine will creation happens and we become more present in our true essence.


Go ahead… while you surrender more, you sink deeper into the letting go and new paths arise and come into being. Allow courage to develop too, so you are able to walk your new map. The orange colour of the navel chakra becomes stronger and more powerful and stagnation turns to movement. Courage is born.



The west


The gate of the west opens and we thank him for its presence.


It takes away your burden. Give the west your resistance, attachments and the aspects that are not yet free. The grace of the west offers you freedom. It can become even stronger when you say YES to your freedom.


Be ready to really BE FREE. Let go of your limitations and bonds. Exchange them for freedom. Now the influence of the west can become even more effective. Its winds blow through your body and take resistance away.


Stay in the divine guidance, filled with love.


Its the offer of the present moment, to let go off the old rucksack. It is the end of consideration.


You are a free being! You are already free! Have the courage to live your freedom. Freedom is the greatest present that you can give and receive.


Let yourself and your relationships free!



The east


The gate of the east opens and we thank for its divine presence.


Let the sun raise inside of you. Feel, how the sun of the NEW time raises. The sun brings peace. It nurtures you and lets you shine. Angels of the sun come to you and weave a sundress for you. Let the sun have an effect on you.


Let it raise inside your chakras:


The third eye chakra burns in the sun. Thoughts dissolve. Your head becomes free.


The sun also effects your throat chakra. It burns outdated structures of communication. Clears and nurtures. Expansion, endless expansion brings hope. Expand your throat chakra.


The sun and your heart become one. Love and freedom become one. Let your heart burn in the sun and raise joy…


The sun burns inside your inner sun, the solar plexus chakra and strengthens peace here. Emotions calm and clear. Feel how your self value raises and is reflected in the greatness of the sun. It is your inspiration.


The sun expands in the navel chakra, courage and joy awaken here.


You become completely one with the sun now. Meet the sun inside of yourself. Let go into the sun. Dissolve inside of her.

The sun brings peace and union into your world and all aligns with the divine will.


Within this unity you go in contact with your guide. Your heartbeat is in unity. Allow your guide to show you the path through your spring. The path that evolves from this simplicity. There is no pressure, no obligation…just surrender into guidance.


Become clear about which paths you want to let go off now. Let them go now!

Trust into the guidance and every day creates. This is the power of divine nature.






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