Discover your solar power

Tired of frustrated dieting – start to discover and cultivate the power of your solar plexus chakra

Our solar plexus chakra is an energetic centre which is placed in the region of the stomach. It embodies our inner solar power. This sun power is also part of our digestive fire. Digestion is a multilayered process: we digest the food that we eat, the impressions that we have, the emotions that we are facing, the experiences of all kind that cross our life path …and so much more.

When our inner sun power, which is mirror of our self confidence, self worth and the peaceful relationship that I have with myself, is not really awake, or clouded… we accumulate blockage, emotional baggage, panic, a sensation of overload of stuff. We feel unpleasant and may start to cover this sensation with indulging eating habits, or also strict dieting. Our emotions and thoughts circle around those same subjects. We judge ourselves….

Really underneath all of this is a solar source. This is the good news. The sun is full of light, healing, peace and all we need to cure ourselves. Lets put our attention here. When we start to come in touch with it and start to cultivate it, it will surely help us to clarify the baggage on top. We come in contact with inner peace that heals the judgmental relationship we have with ourself. We can start to fill this apparent need from within ourself.

Looking for methods and ways outside of us, will never really satisfy us fully. As soon as we are touched from within us and feel who we really are, we can fill this emptiness with joy, this heaviness with light. Our inner true space becomes greater and the outside influence and need to consume lessens.

The solar plexus is like our inner solar world that helps us to take our space and fill it with presence. We learn to strengthen the parts of us that are unsure, lack confidence and have only one mantra: I must, I have too…. When we detect those and fill them with solar power they turn to potential and will support us with joy.

Take it step by step. We are dealing with multiple layers of strongly lived self dynamic processes. Yet, once our inner sun rises, the dawn of endless joy is in this present moment.

Let me guide you with this audio meditation: Solar Power Cultivation

Enjoy and repeat at it as much as you feel is necessary. If you wish you can also book a session with me to erase the according and hindering believe systems behind all of this.

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The kingdom of the sun

At the moment we experience that our love power hits limitations and we are sometimes exhausted by all the change. We are not sure how to go on. Today I want to share an energy with you that originates in the kingdom of the sun. The sun sends us prayers that help to melt our hearts and support us on our way. Turn to the sun from your inside. You can dedicate more space to the sun in your daily life and even create room for it in your home or office. It will remind you on your inner warmth and kindness to yourself.

Here are 3 prayers from the sun. You can use them in your meditation. Speak each one some 9 times and use them like a mantra in your heart. Feel the effect…

„ Sacred essence of the light and the sun inside of me, teach me love. Let my heart melt inside your warmth“

„ Sacred essence of the light and the sun inside of me, let me feel universal peace. Let the essence of peace awaken inside of me.

„ Sacred essence of the light and the sun inside of me, touch the sanctuary of my inner water and let my being blossom.“


Summer healing

The summer with its abundant streams of energy is here now! And it is time to shine into our life and dreams. Step out of old boundaries and reality checks! Over a while now I observed that reality checks are nothing helpful that is why I dedicate a little video to it for you:

Keep walking, anchored in your heart. I know it sometimes not without turbulence… because as such multilayered personalities we have various aspects confronting each other, many hidden in the unconscious field, rooted in old stories of the soul. That is why on the surface on the one hand we want something and on the other hand we don’t allow ourselves to have it.

I can help you find clarity and alignment within yourself to recognize and walk that next important step in your life. Uniting all the “You’ s” in one path, your path on earth, the one that walks your innermost you and can surmise you with what is possible.

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Peace on earth

I can hear the collective dream that we all have. My dream is the world of peace.

May the root of every individual rise from peace into every day life and relating. Lets move from a place of peace. When we move from there our bodies will start to move more openly. All the tension that we hold in the lower back and abdomen will relax. At first some emotional waste will surface from the unconscious, but that will dissolve and find peace. Now, with peace rising it will spread and once this whole collective field will be stronger there will be no more competition. Every one is exactly in the place where he or she is. The exact right place to be is where the root of peace rises within you. This is the right place to be. Peace spreads in your heart, flows to the other and allows him /her to find their place too. Once everyone has found there place, there is no more jealousy, or competition Because each one recognizes their own quality and uniqueness and from there we can recognize the other persons authenticity. All together we weave the social pattern of community in which each one shines in the light that they truly are.

I allow myself to be who i am. I allow myself to be loved. By allowing myself that, I allow the other to stand next to my side to be free and shine their light.


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The urgency of earth healing

Climate change is no longer a far fetched theory, we are starting to experience the course of it. Unhealthy environments are all around the world. I am sure I don’t need to list any more of the multiple damages that we have done to our earth. I am sure each one of you has reached out to according information. I recommend Leonardo Di Caprios latest movie on climate change. It was another wake up call for me: ( it is in english)

My message is about solutions, one possible path to take is the one that we call earth healing.

What does that mean?
Geomancy is what we practice and teach. It means that at first you come in contact with your own heart essence and from there you start to understand that the earth is an alive being. All the landscapes are alive and by learning about it you can heal these structures and recognize the healing power they have for you. You will understand how and why certain areas are blocked, or particular squares in cities have problematic issues.
It is a path that you go with the earth. When you become an earth healer you will know how to transform these blockages and invite the healthy natural flow in. This work applies importantly inside our houses, our living spaces. We need to understand the great potentials that are within the area where we live and work. Through clearing and healing our spaces we can prosper in our full potential.
For instance we install heaven and earth connections in disconnected places. And many more techniques. Foremost this work is to introduce a consciousness of perceiving yourself in relationship with the earth. How we are directly connected to her. How she heals us and this is only a start. And it is more a remembering rather than something new. It is already within us.

How can this have an effect on our environment?                                                             Earth healing has a life changing effect. When the natural realm falls back into place and heaven and earth are connected again we have a healthy system that supports all life processes. Business comes to flow and the beauty of existence shines through everything. We have had so much feed back about changes in towns, where spooky grey streets after the work had cafes opening up, people putting flowers out, neighbors reconsolidating relationships…

I am happy to tell you more about what this would mean for you and your beloved and we can work on it, or you can also invite us to your place/town and we will teach a group of you how to do it yourself.

Lets do our best to have the human community wake up and live in community with the earth. Jay!

Here you can find a guided meditation on how to create a power place. This is a recommendable method to use for the area you sleep, work, spend a lot of important time in your life. It can support you. Enjoy the journey of it!


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Find peace – discover Ur

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